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Kilo Gym Management Support Docs

Account Information in Kilo

Update user information, notifications, and settings related to your Kilo account.

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Dashboard Reports in Kilo

Understanding reporting in Kilo - almost fully accessible from the Kilo Dashboard.

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The Calendar in Kilo

Use the Calendar in Kilo to schedule classes book appointments for your members.

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Users in Kilo

Learn about managing Athlete and Staff profiles in Kilo.

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Events in Kilo

Classes & Appointments will become the base for your Packages & Calendars in Kilo.

1 article

Packages & Billing in Kilo

Easily create single event or hybrid memberships in Kilo's unique Package builder.

12 articles

Managing/Editing Invoices in Kilo

Edit upcoming invoices in Kilo to add or reduce costs as needed.

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Retail in Kilo

Charge athletes for retail items in Kilo.

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Documents in Kilo

Use Documents to create waivers and contracts that can apply to your memberships.

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Financials in Kilo

Set tax rates and check invoices in Kilo's Financial tab.

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The Sales Portal in Kilo

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Athlete View of Kilo

Athletes use Kilo to manage reservations, sign documents, & update payment info.

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Kilo-GLM Integration

The Kilo-GLM integration helps keep both of your platforms in sync.

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Kilo Marketing Automation Support Docs

Welcome & Gym Lead Machine Foundations

Introduction to the GLM system as well as the dashboard and sales metrics reporting.

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Opportunities: The Lead & Client Journey

Opportunities are how you track and manage leads in the sale journey within GLM.

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Conversations: Lead Nurture & Messaging

Use Conversations as a full contact history for all types of communication in GLM.

10 articles

Contacts: Managing & Bulk Messaging

Manage contact information and send bulk messages through the Contacts tab.

13 articles

Automation: Workflows & Campaigns

Workflows are the backbone of GLM, help your system function and communicate.

16 articles

Marketing: Social Planner

Use the Social Planner to schedule posts to social media platforms in one place!

2 articles

Marketing: Email Builder

GLM's drag-&-drop email builder allows you to send branded and stylized newsletters.

1 article

Builder: Funnels & Landing Pages

Expand your reach & make the most of your marketing efforts with funnels in Builder.

11 articles

Builder: Forms

Capturing lead information from your website, Forms bring lead info into GLM.

5 articles

Memberships: Online Courses in GLM

Expand your reach & revenue streams with online courses in Memberships.

9 articles

Calendars: Scheduling in GLM

Understand appointment booking and scheduling in GLM.

6 articles

The Premium Feature Upgrade (Including AI inside GLM)

16 articles

The GLM Mobile App

Understand the capabilities of the GLM mobile app - available in the App Store.

4 articles

Marketing Resources

Use these resources to build your audience.

12 articles

Done-For-You Social Media Resources

Pre-written social media captions and calls to action to help get you started.

2 articles

Done-For-You Newsletters

Done-for-you newsletters are provided to Kilo clients once monthly.

49 articles

Kilo Webinars

Client-exclusive webinars to help you master the use of GLM and grow your business.

15 articles

Kilo Website Support Docs

Welcome to Your Kilo Website

Introduction to your Kilo website.

1 article

Website Foundations

How to log in to WordPress, make posts, and request site edits.

6 articles

Local SEO 101: Google My Business

Learn about Local SEO and setting up a GMB profile.

2 articles

Editable Website Templates

Some Kilo website templates are user-editable - learn about them here.

9 articles

Website Marketing Templates and Done-For-You Content

Monthly done-for-you blog posts and other marketing resources.

35 articles

Miscellaneous Support Docs and FAQs


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Miscellaneous Resources

PDF downloads and free resources from Kilo

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More Support Docs

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